About Cold Writing

I’m Andrew North, and the name of this site is mostly wishful thinking.

I’ve been a freelance copywriter specializing in blogs and general site copy since 2014. Not to say I can’t write other kinds of copy like newsletters or regular letters. I just don’t actually want that much more work. I do, however, like the idea of someone paying me for work, and so I encourage you to contact me with such an intention, unless I don’t actually feel like working right now, in which case you shouldn’t try to contact me at all.

I’m a writer and editor for the website Nothing but Knives, where my brother and I and some other people mostly talk about knives. On this site I will only talk about knives sometimes, and nerd-fueled minutia about history, video games, and table top RPGs and maybe how those things pertain to writing the rest of the times.